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  • Xavier

    “Middlesbrough Children’s Services is a second family for young people who are in their care. They always go above and beyond to make sure the young person gets what they need and if not, they go out their way to find out why.”


    Apprentice and Care Experienced Young Person
  • Julie Pallent

    “I get to spend lots of time with my team and I love helping them to become more confident and skilled in how they work with children and families.”

    Julie Pallent

    Early Help Assistant Team Manager
  • Julie Davies

    “The best thing about my job is working with children, young people and their families and seeing the positive changes they are making with the support of myself and other professionals.”

    Julie Davies

    Senior Social Work Practitioner
  • Claire Berry

    “I have worked with Middlesbrough Council for 12 years and I have never felt as refreshed and excited about my work and what’s to come as I do now.”

    Claire Berry

    Business Change Manager
  • Liz Walker

    ​​“If you’re passionate about working with children and their families and are looking to make a difference to their family life, Middlesbrough Children’s Services is the place to be.”

    Liz Walker

    School Readiness Support Worker