Hello from Siobhan Davies

Posted on 01 July 2021


I am Siobhan Davies, Principal Social Worker. It is my role to be the voice of social work and champion best practice for children’s services. The best part of my role is working alongside our staff to nurture, support and develop our practice so that our children and families receive the best possible service. I have worked in Middlesbrough since I qualified as a social worker and I chose to stay throughout my career because of the many positive relationships I have built with children, families and professionals, as well as the great support and encouragement of my colleagues and managers along the way.

Meet and greet sessions

At Middlesbrough, we offer meet and greet sessions where you you’ll meet some of the wonderful people who work in children’s services.

Every week between 100-200 people from our children’s services workforce take part in a briefing that’s led by Sue, Director of Children’s Services. We listen to updates, share good practice and hear a joke from Sue or a new starter (don’t let this put you off!). Our Middlesbrough children matter so much to us and we need them to have the best life chances – just as you’d want for your grandchildren, children, brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces. To achieve this, our children need you; a passionate and experienced social worker that wants to make a difference.

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