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We’re a forward-thinking Children’s Services team on an ambitious improvement journey, and we’re looking for the right people to join us.

Middlesbrough Children Matter

As a service, our mission is to show Middlesbrough Children they Matter. As part of our commitment to making this happen, in 2020, our staff and young people came together to create a vision. Our vision places relationships and children first and our priorities are:

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    We dedicate time to create and promote experiences that enable children to have the childhood they deserve.e

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    Our workforce builds relationships with children & families because they want to not just because they have to.

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    To increase the quality of life for children and families by ensuring they have access to health and wellbeing services.

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    To increase the life chances of young people by making Middlesbrough a place that children are proud to live in.

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    To focus on providing an environment where children grow up in a community that they are proud to belong to.

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    We collaborate with the business community to provide opportunities for young people to build prosperous lives.

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    We aspire to create an environment people are proud to be part of, one in which children and families matter.

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    We create an environment where children can express themselves and communicate with us at every step.

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Making our service the best it can be

It’s an exciting time to join Middlesbrough as we deliver on our promise. We’ve just launched our Centre of Practice Excellence; a place where we set out our commitment to developing professional practice to show Middlesbrough Children they Matter. Hosted online, the Centre, is awash with useful information, training materials, service guides and resources to help our practitioners at every step.

Our improvement journey is one of encouragement and ambition. Despite a challenging Ofsted Inspection in our Children’s Care directorate and the struggles of COVID-19, we are proud of the progress we’ve already made with our improvement plans. Ofsted has acknowledged our efforts as an effective response to the pandemic. This is in no small part, due to our incredible team.

Join us on our journey

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​Placing Children and Relationships first

We have been working hard to develop our Social Care Practice Model, Children and Relationships First. It’s our passion to deliver a service that children experience as good, or outstanding. At the heart of our model is a strengths-based and relational approach. We do things ‘with’ children and their families rather than ‘to’. After all, it is our belief that relationships and experiences are what make a true impact for children.

Our services include:
  • Referral and Assessment

    Safeguarding and Care Planning

    Children Looked After and Corporate Parenting

    Quality Improvement

    Principal Social Worker


    Early Help

    South Tees Youth Offending Service

  • Children’s Trust

    Troubled Families

    Risk and Resilience

    Access to Education

    Achievement & Education

    Special Education Needs & Disabilities

    Middlesbrough Community Learning

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Our Town

A great place to live and work

We’re quite attached to our town. If you’re not too familiar with Middlesbrough, it’s a thriving evolving town nestled in the heart of the Tees Valley. Joining our population of 139,500 are 700,000 visitors from neighbouring areas who shop, work, study and enjoy the leisure attractions Middlesbrough has to offer.

We’re a forward-thinking council and our community is ambitious. One of the most notable things you’ll find is that our people are warm, friendly and proud of their town, its heritage and natural beauty. With a vibrant leisure and cultural scene, Middlesbrough likes to work hard and play hard!